Education Sponsorship Program

Be a Sponsor

- $150 can help a student (1st - 12th grader) to go to school for a year.

Sponsorship is a very simple process. Once you make a contribution to Extend Your Heart, you will receive the following information from us:

    1.   a detailed profile and a picture of the sponsored child
    2.   a receipt for IRS tax-deductible contribution (USA resident only)
    3.   a student report card at the end of the school year

Note: 100% of your donations will be distributed directly to the children's families with the help of our coordinators in Viet Nam.

In addition, Extend Your Heart will inform you the following:

    1.   contribution reminders in June (for semester I) and
          December (for semester II)
    2.   education fund report in September and March
    3.   annual financial statement in February
    4.   general announcements related to Extend Your Heart as       necessary

Unsponsored Students

Sponsored Students

Graduated Students