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We thank you for your support and involvement in Extend Your Heart Foundation. Your generosity provides us the means to assist the neglected and forgotten poorest children. We deeply appreciate your help and look forward to your continued support.


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In loving memory of Mr and Mrs. Perry Welson by Jean Bonner, Lawrence, KS
In loving memory of Haseltine Rodney by Tien,Jack,James,John Haseltine,Murrieta, CA
In loving memory of Vuong Danh Ngu by Vanessa Bao Vuong, Redondo Beach, CA
In loving memory of Oanh Le by Diana and Jeffrey Miller, Tomball, Texas
In loving memory of Anna Nguyen Kim Hong by My Hien Tran, Jamestown, New York
In loving memory of Anna Nguyen Kim Hong by Minh Man Tran, Toronto, Canada
In loving memory of Granparent Vo Toan and Dinh Viet Lien by Xuan Le, Milpitas, CA
In loving memory of Maria Vu Thi Phin by Xuan Anh Dang, Elk Grove, CA
In loving memory of Rev. John Lee Tae Seok (Korean Missionary Priest) by My Hien Tran, Jamestown, NY
In loving memory of Soeur Ancilla Quy Tran by Extend Your Heart, San Jose, CA
In loving memory of Ms. Susan Alleman by Wayne Chung, Aliso Viejo, CA
In loving memory of Mrs. Giac Nguyen by Hong Van Nguyen, San Diego, CA
In loving memory of Mrs. Luu Truong by Le Tang, San Jose, CA
In loving memory of Mr. Ha Thuc Tu by ThuVan Hickox, Alameda, CA
In loving memory of Mr Liew Mun Fong by Siew Ling Liew, Malaysia
In loving memory of Grandparents-in-law, Parents-in-law and Brother-in-law by Oanh Nonaka, San Diego, CA
In loving memory of Bernie Sims by Mary & Joe Dobrowolski, Fair Oaks, CA
In loving memory of Ms. Maria Lien Tran and Mr.Phaolo Ba Nguyen by Quoc T Nga Nguyen, Santa Clara, CA
In loving memory of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Wilson by Jean Bonner, Lawrence, KS
In loving memory of Mr. Thanh Le and Ms. Kha Hoang by Phuong & Dr. Hien Vu, Sacramento, CA
In loving memory of Mr. Le Huu Phong by Phuong & Dr. Hien Vu, Sacramento, CA
In loving memory of Mr. Phero Dan Vo by Nguyen Family, San Jose, CA
In loving memory of Mr. Hien Nguyen and Ms. Trong Pham by Nguyen Family, San Jose, CA
In loving memory of Grandparent Paul Cong Minh Tran by Tran Family, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
In loving memory of Father Tu Tran, Brother Quang Minh Tran, Sister Ngoc Oanh Tran by Ngoc Uyen Tran, Jamestown, NY
In loving memory of Sister Theresa Kim Loan Tran by My Hien Tran, Jamestown, NY
In loving memory of Anthony Trinh Duy Khiem by Trinh family, Arlington, TX
In loving memory of Mr. Le Tan Tuc by Le Family, Viet Nam
In loving memory of Mr. An Vu by Vu Family, San Diego, CA
In loving memory of Mr. Tam Nguyen by Nguyen Family, San Jose, CA

In honor of Britney Truong by Melody Truong, Redondo Beach, CA
In honor of ThienChuong & Van Nguyen's graduations by Mai Do & ThongTat Nguyen, Irvine, CA
In honor of Rev. Thuc Si Ho's 6th ordination anniversary by Therie Velasco-Gonzales, Sunnyvale, CA
In honor of Ethan Lam and Emily Lam by Sandy Lam's family, San Jose, CA
In honor of Terry Mai Nguyen (wife), Thao My (daughter) by Dong Nguyen, Avondale, AZ
In honor of Pham Boi Chau (wife), Hinh Ngoc Yen (daughter) by Nam Hinh, Fremont, CA
In honor of The Oanh Nonaka Family, San Diego, CA
In honor of Tam Nguyen's wedding by Rev. Thuc Si Ho, Santa Clara, San Jose, CA
In honor of SAT's students, San Francisco, CA
In honor of Jenny Nonora's birthday 2010 by Stacey and Ray Constantian, Lake Forest, CA
In honor of nine grandchildren by Jean Bonner, Lawrence, KS
In honor of Ann Tran by Longa Tran, Milpitas, CA
In honor of Ho Thi Huyen's graduation by Hung Vuong, Union City, CA
In honor of Rev. Thuc Si Ho's new pastoral ministry at Queen of Apostles Catholic Church by M. Eleanor de Paz, Sunnyvale, CA

Matching gift from Sun Microsystem Inc.
Matching gift from Dean Foods Company
Matching gift from Boeing Company
Matching gift from Pacific Life Insurance
Matching gift from Bank of America

Anonymous donors and
- a Trinh family in Arlington, TX
- a Pham family in Germantown, MD
- a Dang family in Elk Grove, CA
- a Do family in Costa Mesa, CA
- two Nguyen families in San Jose, CA
- a BUA family in San Jose, San Diego, CA

Vehicle donation, Nathan Au, CA
Vehicle donation, Chuong Tran, Santa Clare, CA

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Abrams, Al
Abrams, Elon
Allred, Norm
Ahn, Moonjoo, CA

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Bonner, Jean, Lawrence, KS
Bonner, Vince & BichVan, Lafayette, CA
Boyer, Cuc, Milpitas, CA
Bruskewitz, June, Wayne, IL
Bui, Han, San Jose, CA
Bui, Su, San Diego, CA
Burk, Steve, San Diego, CA

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Cao, Huy & Do, Trang, San Diego, CA
Cao, Kim Truc, Fresno, CA
Chang, Tommy, Daly City, CA
Constantian, Ray & Stacey, Foothill Ranch, CA
Chu, Giang, Gilroy, CA
Chung, Wayne, Aliso Viejo, CA

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DBA Allied Manufacturing Corp, CA
Dam, Huong
Dam, Xuan
Dam, On
Dandekar, Deepak, Mill Valley, CA
Dang, Cuong&TraMy, Winnetka, CA
Dang, Hoang Chu&CBKT, CA
Dang, Kim Oanh & Nguyen, Nha, San Jose, CA
Dang, Priscilla & Tran, Son, San Diego, CA
Dang, Vinh, Newark, CA
Dang, Xuan Anh, Elk Grove, CA
Dao, Hung Viet & Duong, Hoa, Lowell, MA
Dao, Thanh & Vu, Nga, Mission Viejo, CA
Demirdjian, Renee, San Francisco, CA
Dinh, Lien & Tran, Tuan, Alexandria, VA
Do, Hong & Cao, Tuan, Irvine, CA
Do, Mai & Nguyen, Thong Tat, Irvine, CA
Do, Valerie (Quynh Dao), Saratoga, CA
Do, Truong, Mission Viejo, CA
Dobrowolski, Christine, South Lake Tahoe, CA
Dobrowolski, Mary (Marge)&Joe, Fair Oaks, CA
Duenas, Rick, Santa Clara, CA

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Fisher, Olga, Bonita, CA

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Gibbs, David, Oakland, CA

H - Back to top

Haro, Allison Xuan Thu & Rosalio, CA
Haro, E Irma
Haseltine, Rodney & Vu, Tien, San Diego, CA
Hickox, ThuVan & Willis, Alameda, CA
Hinh, Nam, Fremont, CA
Ho, Minh Thuc, Milpitas, CA
Ho, Nhien, Buena Park, CA
Rev. Ho, Si Thuc, CA
Ho, Thanh, CA
Ho, Theresa AnhDao, CA
Ho, Thu, San Diego, CA
Hoang, Anh, CA
Hoang, Kim Quy, San Diego, CA
Hoang, Thi Bich Ngan, Garden Grove, CA
Holy Spirit Family, Westminster, CA
Hong, Mindy, Rio Rancho, NM
Huynh, David, Anaheim, CA
Huynh, Kim, PA
Huynh, Thuy & Phi, Son, Milpitas, CA

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Jones, Warren, N. Potomac, MD
Justice, James & Patricia, Cerritos, CA

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Karpp, Rick & Kimberly, CA
Kim, Sam & Nam, Judy, Freemont, CA
Klempner, Diane
Kuebler, Catherine

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La, Tram, San Jose, CA
Lam, Giau, San Jose, CA
Lam, Le, San Jose, CA
Lam, Sandy, CA
Le, Ben Van Quang, San Joe, CA
Le, Khang & Yen Nguyen, Santa Ana, CA
Le, Nghi, San Diego, CA
Le, Sung, San Diego, CA
Le, Thuy, Sunnyvale, CA
Le, Tuyet, San Francisco, CA
Le, Xuan, Milpitas, CA
Liew, Siew Ling & Seng, Kean, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Ly, Loan, Surrey, Canada
Lu, Trinh, San Diego, CA

M - Back to top

M. Eleanor de Paz, Sunnyvale, CA
Mackay, Sheila, San Francisco, CA
Mai, Loan, Folsom, CA
Mathewson, Chris, Pasadena, CA
McKeown, Grainne, Glenview, IL
Melanio, Kimberly, Sunnyvale, CA
Minot, Rosa, Milpitas, CA
Murphy, Michael

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Nghiem, Dinh & Tran, Trang, Anaheim, CA
Ngo, Lan & Mom, Westminster, CA
Ngo, Thuy, Concord, CA
Ngo, Thuy-Phuong & Henry, San Diego, CA
Nguyen, Amanda & Tran, Sanh, Richmond, TX
Nguyen, Ann, MA
Nguyen, Ba Thi, San Diego, CA
Nguyen, Binh, Honolulu, HI
Nguyen, BongThoa, Utah
Nguyen, Christine, San Jose, CA
Nguyen, Cuc, Devon, PA
Nguyen, Cuong & KimAnh, Costa Mesa, CA
Nguyen, Dinah, San Jose, CA
Nguyen, Doanh & Ngo, Huong, Milpitas, CA
Nguyen, Dong & Terry Mai, Avondale, AZ
Nguyen, Frank & Marianne, Santa Clara, CA
Nguyen, H Phuong, TX
Nguyen, HongVan, San Diego, CA
Dr. Nguyen, HienVu & Phuong, Elk Grove, CA
Nguyen, Kim Anh, San Jose, CA
Nguyen, Kim Hien, Houston, TX
Nguyen, Kim Hong, Toronto, ON, CANADA
Nguyen, Kim Phan, Stanton, CA
Nguyen, Kim Phung, San Diego, CA
Nguyen, Hiep, Hayward, CA
Nguyen, Hoa & Trung, San Jose, CA
Nguyen, Hoang, San Jose, CA
Nguyen, Hong Linh, San Jose, CA
Nguyen, Hung, San Jose, CA
Nguyen, Loan, Anaheim, CA
Nguyen, Loc, San Jose, CA
Nguyen, Ly, San Jose, CA
Nguyen, Mai, San Diego, CA
Nguyen, Malanie Mai, TX
Nguyen, MongThuong, San Jose, CA
Nguyen, My Hanh, Pleasanton, CA
Nguyen, Phuong Quynh, San Jose, CA
Nguyen, Phong & Duyen, San Jose, CA
Nguyen, Quyen, SanJose, CA
Nguyen, Thaiha, Westminster, CA
Nguyen, Thanh & Theresa, Hampton, VA
Nguyen, Thanh & Zhiming & Ethan, San Francisco, CA
Nguyen, Thao Vy, San Jose, CA
Nguyen, Theresa, San Jose, CA
Nguyen, Thi Kim Chi, San Diego, CA
Nguyen, Thi Kim Nguyen, Westminster, CA
Nguyen, Thien-Chuong & Nguyen, Khoa Van, Irvine, CA
Nguyen, Thinh, Anaheim, CA
Nguyen, Thinh, Pleasant Hill, CA
Nguyen, Thu, San Jose, CA
Nguyen, Thuan, San Jose, CA
Nguyen, ThuMinh, Wallingford, PA
Nguyen, Tri, San Jose, CA
Nguyen, Tuan, San Diego, CA
Nguyen, Tuong, San Jose, CA
Nguyen, Vanessa & Vu, Thieu (Matthew), Garden Grove, CA
Nguyen-Tran, Tina & Tran, Viet, San Diego, CA
Nonaka, Oanh & Kevin, San Diego, CA

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Rev. Paligutan, Alvin
Park, Christine, CA
Paz, M. Eleanor de, Sunnyvale, CA
Peal, James, CA
Pham, Andrew Tuan, Santa Clara, CA
Pham, Duy Tan, San Jose, CA
Pham, Hung & Binh, San Diego, CA
Pham, Kim Nguyen & Yen, Westminster, CA
Pham, Phuong & Tran, Ty, Las Vegas, NV
Pham, Lieu, Huntington Park, CA
Pham, Quang Thieu, Milpitas, CA
Prindle, Bill, San Francisco, CA

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Quach, Helene, San Diego, CA

R - Back to top

Rasch, Nancy, Burlingame, CA
Roatch, Rhonda, CA
Rusconi, Sandra & David, Mountain View, CA

S - Back to top

Sanchez, Thuy & Tam, Fremont, CA
Shurtleff, Diana, San Marcos, CA
Sparrow-Koch, Jill, Escondido, CA
Stapleford, Michael, WA

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Ta, Diane Hoa, San Diego, CA
Tang, Le, San Jose, CA
Thai, ThuHa, San Jose, CA
Tieu, Patrick, San Jose, CA
Tran & Chang Chiropractic Care, San Jose, CA
Tran, Dan & Giap An, VA
Tran, An, West Valley, UT
Dr. Tran, Ann (Huyen Nga), Patterson, CA
Tran, Chuong, Santa Clara, CA
Tran, Longa, Milpitas, CA
Tran, Bich Nga & Hung, Springfield, VA
Tran, David
Tran, John & Karen, Westminster, CA
Tran, Kevin & Christine, Aliso Viejo, CA
Tran, Kim Phung, Houston, TX
Tran, Linh Nga, Houston, TX
Tran, Lyly, Cerritos, CA
Tran, Minh Man, Toronto, ON, CANADA
Tran, My Hien, San Jose, CA
Tran, Nicholas, San Jose, CA
Tran, Ngoc Minh, Toronto, ON, CANADA
Tran, Ngoc Trinh, CA
Tran, Ngoc Uyen, Toronto, ON, CANADA
Tran, Phung Kim, Houston, TX
Tran, Sanh, Richmond, TX
Tran, Steve Tiet & Nguyen, Kim Lan, Long Beach, CA
Tran, Thanh & Loan, San Diego, CA
Dr. Truong, Ha, Livermore, CA
Truong, Melody, Redondo Beach, CA
Sr. Truong, Trang DC, Los Altos Hills, CA
Truong, Hue, Santa Clare, CA

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Valentine, Bill, Mill Valley, CA
Velesco-Gonzales, Therie, Santa Clare, CA
Vernon, Bill, Walnut Creek, CA
Vo Dinh, Priscilla Nam Phuong & Bao, Houston, TX
Vo, Thuy Lynn, San Jose, CA
Vo, Van, Rosemead, CA
Vo, Vivian Tustin, CA
Vu, Hong & Nguyen, Lam, Garden Grove, CA
Vu, Liem, Saratoga, CA
Vu, Phuong & Luong, Chau, San Jose, CA
Vu, Thao, San Diego, CA
Vuong, Hung, Union City, CA
Vuong, Phung, San Jose, CA
Vuong, Vanessa Bao, Redondo Beach, CA

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Yao, Shirley, San Francisco CA

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